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 Intro Request!!!!

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PostSubject: Intro Request!!!!   Thu Sep 27, 2012 6:40 am

I'm asking for a favor. Could you make a Intro and Outro for my Amnesia videos?

Intro- I'd like the background to be black. I'd like the bottom to contain an awesome picture of the castle and the top to contain the title Amnesia the dark descent. I want them both to fade in at the same time and afterwards, between the 2 pictures, the word Danny X appears in a sort of blood splatter effect.

Outro- Same black background, but this time an awesome and scary picture of the Amnesia monster, could you put some darkness effect to it, then at the top left put in small letters (not too small) ''To be continued...''. afterwards at the bottom and you put ''Like, Comment & Subscribe in the same blood splatter effect.

don't worry about the music I'll add it.

p.s I would like it in good quality.

Thank you Smile
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Intro Request!!!!
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