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 Forum Rules And Other Stuff (Read Before Posting)

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PostSubject: Forum Rules And Other Stuff (Read Before Posting)   Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:36 am

Welcome to my forum! I made this, in hope that we could build a community, a team, a family.
My goal is to help promote people's projects, youtube channels, help people out with anything they need, and hopefully, eventually, the community will begin to help each other.

Rules (For all forum's):

-Don't be a asshole, yes, you can swear all you want, but don't insult people, and don't be racist.
-No illegal content! Such as child pornography, illegal hacking, piracy(to an extent Wink ), BUT, naked photo's, legal hacking( Such as war games, hacking own computers for fun) is Ok!
-Post in the correct forum, if you cant find the correct one to post in, just post in "Other"!
-Only "Bump" every hour at a minimum!
-Any over 18 content (Nudity, Graphic violence etc, MUST have "(18+)", or another form of warning in the title

YouTube section rules:
-Only make ONE post per channel, if you want to post more video's, edit you'r current post with your channel it, either by editing the post or replying
-DON'T spam! if you post it once, people will see it!

-Help section rules:
-Don't be a ass, if people need help with things you may find pathetic, or easy, don't laugh at them, help them, there's no room for a-holes here

Also, make sure to check out people's YouTube channels, games, help section, stay active, don't just post your video's then move on!
Do your best to help people out with there problems, compliment people on there work, and don't be horrible to anyone!

If you have a problem with another member, or just need help with something, give me a pm, or add me on Skype, ill be happy to help! Cool

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Forum Rules And Other Stuff (Read Before Posting)
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